Laser-induced ocular injury: a narrative review


  • Eva Wai Nam Wong Department of Ophthalmology, Caritas Medical Centre
  • Anthony Chuk-him Lai Department of Ophthalmology, Caritas Medical Centre
  • Robert Fung Lam Department of Ophthalmology, Caritas Medical Centre
  • Frank Hiu Ping Lai Department of Ophthalmology, Caritas Medical Centre


Eye injuries, Lasers, Safety


There is an increasing trend of reported laser-induced ocular injury. We aimed to review the
literature on the basic principles of laser, clinical management and safety precaution of laser-induced ocular injury. A literature search on the PubMed database was conducted to include articles dated up to April 2020. One example case of laser-induced ocular injury is provided. Clinical presentation of laser-induced ocular injury is variable. The clinical features can be transient and subtle. Appropriate investigations are useful to establish a diagnosis and to evaluate the severity of the injury. Laser-induced ocular injury most commonly involves the macula, which can be complicated by intraocular haemorrhage, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, and choroidal neovascularization. There are currently no evidence-based or well-recognized treatments for laser-induced retinopathy. Surgical intervention might be considered if there is significant intraocular hemorrhage or macular hole. Laser-induced ocular injury may cause permanent visual sequelae and functional disability. Diagnosis of an eye injury should be supported by objective clinical findings and/or appropriate investigations. As medical and surgical treatment options are currently limited, the key to combat laser ocular injuries lies in prevention and awareness of the general public should be reinforced.


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