The Mobile Eye Treatment Center project


  • Kam-wah Leung General Eye and Low Vision Clinic, Hong Kong Society for the Blind.


In China, there are estimated to be 4.4 million cases of cataract blindness. Most of these cases reside in poor remote rural areas without access to modem medical facilities. A self-contained mobile eye treatment center was therefore constructed in order to treat cataract blindness cost-effectively in these areas. This mobile center is based on a thirty-foot truck chassis with separate compartments for consultations, operations and postoperative recovery. It was commissioned in December 1995 jointly by the Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness and the Hong Kong Society for the Blind. Two hundred and one operations for extracapsular cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation were performed in five selected locations in rural Canton, China. The overall results were very satisfactory. Serious complications were few and results compared favourably to those obtained at a well-equipped city hospital. The mobile eye treatment center is considered to be a safe and cost-effective means to combat cataract blindness in remote rural China.




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