Prevalence of eyelid diseases among adults in Hong Kong

Shiu Ting Mak, Jeremy John Sze Wai Kwok, Hunter KL Yuen


Introduction: Eyelid diseases affect visual function and quality of life. This is the first study to investigate the prevalence of eyelid diseases among the general population in Hong Kong.

Methods: On 22 October 2017, The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society jointly organized a Public Education Day. A total of 165 participants were re- cruited for eyelid disease screening. Eyelid examination was performed by ophthalmology residents under the supervision of a specialist subspecializing in oculoplas- tics to identify any eyelid diseases (dermatochalasis, ptosis, entropion, ectropion, lash misdirection, presence of eyelid masses, and blepharitis). The prevalence of these eyelid diseases and their association with age and sex were determined.

Results: The 165 participants (122 females and 43 males) were all Chinese and were aged 24 to 92 (mean, 68) years; 23.6% were <60 years old, 62.4% were 60- 80 years old, and 13.9% were >80 years old. The most common eyelid disease was dermatochalasis, with a prevalence of 61.8%, followed by blepharitis (32.1%), ptosis (7.3%), and eyelid mass (6.7%). Lash misdirec- tion, entropion, and ectropion were uncommon, with a prevalence of 2.4%, 0.6%, and 0%, respectively. Dermatochalasis was more common with increasing age. Other eyelid diseases did not correlate with age.

Conclusion: Eyelid diseases are not uncommon among the general population in Hong Kong, particularly dermatochalasis, ptosis, and blepharitis. Eyelid diseases may negatively impact patients functionally and psy- chosocially. Clinicians and the general public should be aware of these eyelid diseases.

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